Get 15 days of vitamins for FREE, just pay £4.99 shipping

A simple, daily vitamin routine to support your 

Treat your body with all-natural, highly absorbable vitamins


Get 15 days of vitamins for FREE!

“Did they work? Hell yes. I couldn’t survive my working week without them. They are my entire support system when I’m on the go to ensure my performance is business critical.”

Jenny Graham 
Quintessentially Travel


Get 15 days of vitamins for FREE!

A simple, daily vitamin routine to support your

Treat your body with all-natural, highly absorbable vitamins

Your body deserves the best

Supporting your health has never been so easy. It’s why we created all-natural vitamins you can drink, that way you absorb them in just 30 seconds. And we’re not like other supplements, we don’t use fillers or bulking agents.


Gut Health 
supports optimal digestion and gut balance to improve your mental and physical wellbeing.

supports your immune system to keep your body’s natural defences strong, year round.

Circulation and Heart Health
supports healthy blood flow so that more oxygen flows around your body to support your organs.


Get 15 days of vitamins for FREE!

Fuel your health, naturally

To feel healthy and perform at your best you need to look after your body. The all-natural, sustainably-sourced ingredients you’ll find in our vitamin powders are absorbed into your bloodstream in under 30 seconds. Just add water. See, easy peasy.

The perfect dose, everytime

Many vitamin supplements use a lot of cheap nutrients to “bulk them out”, we don’t. What happens is you excrete everything your body can’t use. So we measured the perfect amount of high-quality nutrients in a neat single-mix sachet. Go on, stir it up.


No artificial colours

No bulking agents

No fillers or preservatives

No added sugar

Biodegradable Packaging

JetFuel absorbs in seconds

Too much choice means you probably take random vitamin pills. Fact is, you end up peeing out everything you body can’t absorb. It’s a fact. 

However, drinking your vitamins absorbs 98% of nutrients in the bloodstream in 22 to 30 seconds, compared to 10-20% over hours in capsules. 


Get 15 days of vitamins for FREE!

Drinkable wellness? That’s JetFuel

11 reasons other vitamins get jealous


98% absorption within 20-30 seconds

14 active nutrients in 1 drink

Ethically sourced ingredients and manufacturing

Natural formulas with no nasty additives

Scientifically proven and tested formulas

Keeps you hydrated

Health based quantities of nutrients

Nutrients in the best form for high absorption

Strict compliance regulation and checks

Time released ingredients

No side effects on your health



No product ethics

Fillers, chemicals, colourings and bulking agents

Standard ‘off the shelf’ formulas

No hydration

Cheaper nutrient forms with poor absorption


‘Token’ amounts of nutrients

No regulation checks

Large doses that the body can’t absorb

Cheap nutrients have side effects on your health

10-20% absorption over several hours

Swallow 14 individual capsules for same effect


Get 15 days of vitamins for FREE!

Get 15 days of vitamins for FREE!

Get your vitamins on the house

It’s like giving you £20 - cover the shipping and we’ll send you 2 weeks’ worth of daily vitamin sachets for FREE. By subscribing, you’ll get remarkably delicious vitamins straight through your front door that simply help you to feel great (£29 p/month after, cancel anytime).

We’ll send you 15 days of vitamins for FREE!



You need to be amongst the first 100!

Just pay £4.99 shipping



Safe For Athletes



Manufactured in a factory that contains traces of allergens (nuts, dairy, soya).

Choose a one-time purchase & save big

Your health is your real wealth

“JetFuel is my lifeline during an intense schedule. It’s my perfect companion.”

Isabel Atherton
Yoox Net-A-Porter Group

Justin C. Bowles
Hedge Fund Manager

“I’m a very sceptical person but JetFuel has a very positive impact on my life.”

Maris Kuklis
Etihad Airlines

“As an athlete and active traveller, I’ve finally found an easy and health benefiting way to compliment my busy lifestyle.”

Kate B

"I am not always the picture of health but these supplements made me feel like I'm covered, no matter what."

What does it taste like?

Many people assume vitamins taste bad, however we managed to blend our supplements to taste great with only natural flavourings and no added sugar. Health tastes like delicious citrus with punchy ginger.

14 active ingredients, 1 sachet

With 14 active ingredients, our naturally sweetened Health supplement is scientifically proven to help support your immunity, circulation and gut health.

How JetFuel delivers more than health

Mother, Author & Entrepreneur

“I decided to buy them because really of the convenience and I know they are just chock full of the most incredible ingredients.”

Business Traveller

“It’s a great product, fully believe in it and really love the benefits of it.”

New Mum

“I toss them into my water and drink them throughout the day and it makes such a big difference.”

Meet Shona, our very own nutritionist

Science determines our formulations, which is why JetFuel vitamins contain only active ingredients with distinct health benefits and nutrients in their most absorbable form. Together, we’ve developed exceptional supplements to feel healthier, perform better and feel more relaxed. 

Shona’s a registered nutritionist with over 10 years’ experience in the retail supplement industry.

Shona Wilkinson 
Nutritionist & Supplement Formulator 
Registered Nutritionist RD. mBANT. CNHC.

Frequently asked questions

JetFuel change

With every purchase of JetFuel, Vitamin Angels UK provides 7 women or children with life-changing nutrients in the UK and around the world. We believe in the power of vitamins.


Get 15 days of vitamins for FREE!

Get 15 days of vitamins for FREE!

JetFuel® is a registered trademark of Fifteen Degrees Limited.


How does JetFuel Work?
JetFuel Health Collection helps balance 3 core health functions (immunity, circulation and gut health).
When should I take JetFuel?
Health vitamins are your foundation and should be taken daily when you wake.
How should I take JetFuel?
Empty each sachet into 250ml of still, cold water. If you can only find a 500ml bottle, JetFuel will be just as effective. When mixing in a water bottle, pour each sachet into the bottle and replace the lid. Shake and then drink immediately. When mixing in a glass, you'll get a better consistency of drink if you pour the sachet into water. Stir and then drink immediately. For optimal results, drink each sachet 30 minutes after eating.
Can JetFuel be taken with prescription medication(s)?
If you’re taking any other medication or are diabetic, please talk to your doctor before trying JetFuel.

Lactobacillus Acidophilus
Live active bacteria to support gut health

Helps healthy blood flow

Supports good blood circulation

Calcium Citrate
Supports digestive enzyme function

Vitamin D
Supports immune system function

Vitamin C
Protects cells from oxidative stress

Supports immune system function

Zinc Picolinate
Protects cells from oxidative stress

Other Active Ingredients
Bifidobacterium co culture, Saccharomyces Boulardii, Aloe Vera, Vitamin B3, Ginger Root and Turmeric

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Made in the UK

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Supplements are confusing. So I created this…

Hi, I’m Papillon - Founder of JetFuel. 

Our busy schedules mean we often overstretch ourselves, which negatively impacts our health and immunity. I turned to supplements to support my health because I want to feel great each day to live my best life. 

But the supplement world is very confusing for consumers. Many contain fillers and other bulking agents we don’t understand or need to feel better. 

I’m on a mission to demystify the confusing supplement industry, So I created JetFuel - a unique blend of clean, ethical, high-performance vitamins in their most absorbable form. 

To your health, 

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You will receive 2 packs of 30 sachets.






Fruitflow® is a natural and clinically proven antioxidant that stabilizes blood pressure and promotes healthy blood flow, two elements that are key in maintaining a healthy heart. Fruitflow® also helps with platelet aggregation.


With over 420 scientific studies, Pycnogenol® is scientifically proven to be an antioxidant with natural anti-inflammatory properties. Pycnogenol® has also been proven to protect cells from damage and maintain healthy blood vessels.

Game-changing antioxidants

JetFuel's unique Health supplement contains two little known antioxidants that make it one of a kind. 

Could we be any cleaner?

Unlike many vitamins on the market, JetFuel contains no nasties, just premium ingredients.

Time to hydrate, starting today

You know, 75% of the western world is dehydrated. This means we’re more likely to feel fatigued and subpar, generally - our bodies need minerals, salts, and electrolytes to function. Stir in 14 active ingredients to support that ‘awake’ feeling including Pycnogenol®, Fruitflow®, Probiotics, Vitamin C, D, Zinc, Calcium, and Elderberry. 


We just reinvented 
your vitamin routine

30 days to feeling great

Be honest, taking vitamins isn’t all that fun, except ours of course. Track your progress over a month and build a routine you can stick to with our 30-day challenge. Notice how much more energy and clarity you feel than when you started. Feeling this healthy is about to completely change your life.

Sustainability is our middle name

In fact, all our products are ethically sourced and manufactured - this means we stay true to our mission: to produce sustainable, socially-conscious nutrients that don’t harm the environment one bit. As for animal testing, we wouldn’t dream of it.

We’re science-obsessed, no really

At JetFuel, we love microscopic detail. That’s why we meticulously chose 14 safe, all-natural ingredients, 100% backed by science. JetFuel’s unique HEALTH vitamin supplement is the only blend of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and electrolytes of its kind in the world to support your immunity, gut health, blood circulation, and heart health. Quite a claim.